New Signers Group!


The title pretty much explains for itself. This is a group that i’m a part of due to my inexperience in my signing skills. The main reason why i’m writing about this is because this is a group that has helped me grow and discover myself more. This group contains people that have had no previous experiences with ASL or any sign language. A couple are deaf but most of them are hard of hearing like myself and grew up speaking.

We sometimes have meetings and go out to eat together. We normally go out to Union Station but it’s still nice to meet up and see how everyone’s signing skills have developed. It’s very interesting to see how one has improved compared to how their signing was previous months ago. I often ask for input on how my signing has improved and i’m constantly getting good feedback. I missed the Jumpstart program during summer last year but i feel like it doesn’t matter now because i’ve practiced hard and understand ASL a lot better now. Hopefully my signing will continue to improve as summer approaches.


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