Loud Music Next Door!


I’m not deaf so this poses a problem for me. Most nights i go to bed wondering if the person next door to me will keep his music down to a reasonable level. My floor of Benson Hall has me and my roommate as the only ones that are hard of hearing. I don’t know about the women’s side but my room is the only room that contains hard of hearing people. It’s at this time i wish i was deaf because i always find myself having trouble getting sleep. Now….. if it was country music, i’d be all smiles! 🙂 But it’s not! NO… instead this one guy plays rap music and unfortunately for me, plays it on the highest bass setting. So not only can i hear it, but i can also feel it even being next door.

I’ve approached him a couple times tellling him to please turn down his music but it seems as if he’s getting irritated and selfish. He told me that this is a deaf university and that i should get over it. My best guess is that he’s trying to tell me that if i’m not deaf, deal with it! This is one disadvantage of living on campus here at Gallaudet but this is something that doesn’t pose a problem for most students here because they are deaf. I guess this is something that i will just have to get used to, or i will just simply have to go buy earplugs. And if that doesn’t work, then all i can do is change from being a country boy, to a rap boy, and lord knows i don’t want that. Haha!


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