I’m not a drinker….accept it!


Sometimes I go to parties with friends and they just don’t understand that it’s a personal choice for me not to drink. All my life i grew up in a family that never drank and stayed clean. This has made me a smart person. I now know the dangers of drinking and what it can cause if one doesn’t drink responsibly. I often feel like somewhat a desinated driver although i never do drive and don’t have a car. I do sometimes watch my friends and make sure they’re ok. I feel good doing this because I know there are not a lot of people that are like me and say “I don’t drink”.

I have seen one of my friends change this year and go from “never drank before” to “drinking on a normal basis” now. This is interesting because that was pretty much me in those shoes this past year. Ever since my friend got into drinking, he hasn’t been the same as last semester. And he didn’t change in a good way. The biggest reason why he converted to being a drinker is because of peer pressure and his inability to say no. The only difference for me is that i made a better decision and decided to stay alcohol free. I feel like my job here at Gallaudet is to get an education, play football, and keep long lasting, healthy relationships throughout my college years. Drinking is something that i feel like i can stand up to and say no whenever i’m approached by someone asking to have a beer or even a sip.


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