Homesick Feelings!


Lately I’ve been having homesick feelings and have been thinking about transfering closer to home and attending college somewhere in Missouri. I’ve been talking with my parents lately and i’ve been trying to think of some positives for staying at Gallaudet compared to positives for leaving here for another school closer to home. Some positives of living here are getting to experience the deaf culture, playing college football, and getting to enjoy the independent life. Some benefits of leaving Gallaudet are that my parents will be able to see all my football games, i will be living in a safer town, and that i will be attending a christian university. I am having a very difficult time with this and am currently asking friends and family for what i should do. I am a very independent man but i still feel sometimes that being 2,000 miles away from home is just too much for someone. Where do you draw the line when it comes to distance away from home?

I am writing this blog to ask some opinions from other Gallaudetians and see there input. I have one month left here at Gallaudet before i make an official decision so i’m asking if people can give me their input on this subject. Thank you!


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2 Responses to “Homesick Feelings!”

  1. Jessica Fein Says:

    Hi there,
    I am actually a transfer hard-of-hearing student that was never involved with the deaf culture but I do find it very interesting as well that will be attending Gallaudet in this fall. I live in Southern California so going to GU will be a big change for sure by being so far from family as well as the weather hahaha

    Even though I’m not at Gallaudet right but am thinking about having to be so far… from my perspective, I think the line is drawn to the point where for me being so far from home is basically if the school offers amazing programs that no other schools does that I can benefit from then I will go for it… (main reason) I also enjoy the deaf culture and still learning about as I am learning how to sign as well so for me, I’m willing to go out of my state and explore new places and opportunities as well 🙂

    Anyways, if you enjoy the independent life, you might want to stay with that kind lifestyle especially after college where you are going to be on your own, doing your own kind of things so forth so it would be a unique preparation for ya that after college, you will be ready to move on and so forth…

    Hopefully, whatever decision you make will work out for you..

    -Jessica Fein

  2. Casey Says:

    Homesick again??? :/

    Sorry you are missing home, Ryan. Only a little while longer and you will be home for the summer! Hang in there! Summer vacation always works wonders for the homesick soul.

    You know, figuring out where to draw the line is a difficult thing. If you figure it out, let me know! 🙂

    The ONE thing that I INSIST and ENCOURAGE you to do no matter what is to get a college degree. Get at least a BA degree somewhere–whether at Gally or somewhere else. If you do, you will have so many more opportunities for your future. With a degree, you will be able to do almost anything you set your heart on doing!

    Also, don’t take time off. What I mean is that if you do decide to transfer, don’t skip a semester or year or something unless you absolutely have to because it is SO HARD to go back to school after you’ve had a break. For example, if your last semester at Gally is this spring, then your next semester at another college should try to be this fall.

    Just as a suggestion, what do you think about taking a class or two (they could be fun classes or whatever) at this Christian university you are thinking about over the summer? That way, you can see what communication is like, what the school is like, etc. without actually withdrawing from Gally? If you like it better there, you could transfer, or if it does not crack up to all you thought it would be, you could stay at Gally? Just a thought… 🙂

    Keep me posted how things go! I wish you all the best and, of course, I would love to see your smiling face at Gallaudet when I go back, but if it God’s will that you go elsewhere, then I will be just as happy for you.


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