Fire Alarms!!!


Seriously the most irritating thing you can ever experience while living on campus here at Gallaudet. In the dorm i live in, we get an average of 3-4 fire alarms a week. Just after spring break, we got 4 in ONE NIGHT!!! I don’t know what’s causing these fire alarms but having to walk down five stories every time one goes off is starting to make everyone in benson hall. We have a total of three possible reasons why our fire alarms are going off. One, the system is malfunctioning and is not working properly. Two, people are smoking in their rooms or the bathroom and the smoke is causing it to go off. Or three, people are just simply being stupid and pulling on the fire alarm activator.

I understand when we have to walk downstairs for safety when there’s a fire alarm. The only thing i don’t understand is that when we have a fire alarm several times in one night and it’s obvious that people are messing around, we are still forced to walk downstairs again. Me and my roommate came so close to not going downstairs a couple times because of the alarm repeatedly going off. I don’t like to disrespect anyone but when an RA unlocks my door and walks in on their own to tell me that we are required to walk downstairs due to a fake fire alarm, i get pretty upset. It’s not something i take personal to that RA because i know it’s their job but it’s still something that i’m too happy with. I’m just hoping that with 3 weeks left of school and finals coming soon, that people will be smarter and not tamper with anyone’s sleep…. especially mine!


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One Response to “Fire Alarms!!!”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I definitely sympathize, having experienced the very same thing while attending R.I.T., way back. Few things were as vexing as having to evacuate a dorm, at some ungodly hour (between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. most often) in the January cold because some clown decided to get his jollies by pulling a fire alarm. You’ve got to wonder what is going on in the minds of these unhinged lunatics. Though costly, hidden surveillance cameras would be a valuable tool in combatting this infuriating practice. Any and all culprits, when identified and apprehended, should be booted out of school, permanently, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The wanna-be pranksters would grow up in a hurry, I tell you.

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