This is a time i’m not looking forward to. Although with summer following the final exams, i’m still not looking forward to it. I have one class right now that i’m in the process of completing the final exam and that is my lifeguard class. I’ve been performing the skills test these past two weeks and have the written test this Thursday. The skills tests have been going great and will continue to go great these next few weeks. The only thing that might be a little difficult for me is swimming twenty laps in under 12 minutes. My teacher told me that since i’m bigger and have more muscle mass, then i have to complete mine in under 15 minutes. The reason why she increased the time for me is because having more muscle mass means that it’s easier to sink and requires more energy and strength to swim the laps. That should make it easier for me but i still will aim for under twelve minutes.

The other classes i’m taking finals for is for my wellness class for p.e. and for my ASL class. I don’t have it as bad as last semester because i had 4 GSR courses but it’s still the part of the year that never excites me. I feel confident that if my finals go well and if i continue to work hard, then i will finish the year off with an overall GPA of a 3.0 or higher. That’s something i have never done before and that includes high school so this will really make this a great year for me academically. Going home for summer and being able to tell my parents what i got for my first year will definitely be something that i will look forward to.


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