Finally…. a VP!!


Yesterday I finally received my Videophone from Sorenson VRS! I applied for one just two short weeks ago and i’m now able to contact my friends and have signing chats in my room. Obviously i’m a new signer but this is something that will definitely help improve my signing skills. I haven’t had my first conversation on it yet but I sure plan on calling someone tonight when i get the chance. I’ve borrowed a friend’s VP before and experienced it but it’s not the same as owning one. If you go to Gallaudet University i’m sure you’ve heard of a VP but for those that don’t know, here you go.

For those who don’t know what a VP is, it’s a videophone that’s like any home phone for hearing people. For hearing people, like my family, they have a normal voice phone. VP’s have the same concept, they have a local number but these phones connect other VPs and are able to see the other visually and have a signing conversation. This is nothing i could use for my family because i’m the only one that knows sign language but this will really come in handy when i leave for summer and keep in touch with my all my friends. I’m excited to have my first conversation so if you’re interested in being my first, message me! Haha!


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