Can’t wait for summer!


Only three weeks left before i’m finally off the campus of Gallaudet and into the state of Missouri where i will spend three nice, long months of summer with my family. The thing i miss most that i can’t stop thinking about is swimming! Spring break, all i did was swim and it made me want more. Here at Gallaudet it just won’t ever change to warm weather and it really stinks! We’re currently in the middle of April and the temperature is still around the 40s. My family has been keeping me updated on the weather in Missouri and all they are telling me is that the weather just keeps getting better and better and they can’t wait for me to get there so we can have family swims.

Another thing i’m really looking forward to is getting to visit my grandparents in California. It won’t all be fun and games down there though because i just found out that my grandma has cancer and she’ll need radiation treatment. We won’t get to do the things we used to do when we were kids but we’ll still get to visit with them and i can’t wait to. My parents told me that we are taking a nice road tour through the states of arkansas, oklahoma, texas, new mexico, arizona, nevada and all of south california to get to our grandparent’s cabin in the small town by the name of groveland. I haven’t been on a road tour and a visit to California in a long time so i’m definitely looking forward to that as well. This summer will be the first summer where i’ve been gone all year and finally get to come back to the family life. I know my family misses me and they know i miss them more than anything in the world too. All I can say is wait till May 11th because that’s the day i’m outta here and finally in the arms of my loved ones in good ole’ Branson, Missouri. Can’t wait!!!


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