Life is full of adventure!


Sushi was introduced to me by beloved raw-fish-eating uncle Jerry couple of years ago. He travels throughout second and third world countries to teach English to the residents. Jerry has been to Malaysia, Colombia, Vietnam just to name a few. He is a committed vegetarian (other than the raw fish of course!). I had once considered becoming a vegetarian, but I could not live without white meat. To me, it’s mouth-watering and it makes my taste buds flip. I can not resist it at all! So perhaps, I should call myself a ‘half vegetarian’? I hardly consume red meat… only once a while. I remember how I refused to try new dishes such as Japanese because of the weird looking raw fish laying well decorated on my plate accompanied by red fish eggs scattered all around. I was beyond terrified! He stated how healthy it is and how it makes you smarter… simple words to convince me to consume it. Once it was in my mouth I let my teeth chomp like mad to escape the my wild imagination of how it would choke me to death. Instead, it blew me and my taste buds away! I was in disbelief and was totally, utterly speechless. The next bite I chomped carefully to let the taste absorb into my taste buds dreamily. I was addicted just like that. I would pick ANY sushi restaurant at the top of my list. My lovely roommate is from Newfoundland, where it is well known for seafood, and ironically she loathes seafood with a passion. I have been trying to convince her to try sushi, she refused until she got sick and tired of me picking at her. Finally, yesterday, I bought a package of California Rolls for her to try and videotaped her reaction. She had chopsticks with her and her arm was trembling with fear when the chopsticks touched the sushi. I was trying to persuade her that it would not kill her! She finally consumed it and I was expecting a good reaction but unfortunately she nearly puked. I was pretty much disappointed but I was extremely proud of her for trying it! Life is full of new and wonderful experiences, and you grow from each and every one of them… good or bad. I recommend to anyone who has not tasted sushi; it never hurts to try, trust me 🙂


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