Spring Break Part Deux


Continuing from where I left off last week… when I arrived in Alabama, I found that most of my expectations were right, and wrong. First, I found that not every place in Alabama is a trailer, complete with a front porch, rocking chairs, banjos, hound dogs, and beer cans. Alabama is actually quite beautiful in some places. Picture rolling green hills, red soil, pine trees, and old plantation homes. I also found that I was right in thinking that Alabama accents are funny as heck, they’re just so twangy and slow!

Anyway, after touring the Alabama School for the Deaf, which is a very nice school, complete with ancient magnolia trees, we headed to Atlanta, Georgia to take a peek at the world’s largest aquarium… I’ve never seen so many fishies! Stingrays, whale sharks, and otters, oh my!

On our way to the aquarium, we stopped at Jonesboro, Georgia. Now, if you’ve read and watched “Gone With the Wind” as much as I have, you’ll know that Jonesboro is where the main character, Scarlett lives. So the four of us (me, my mother, aunt, and cousin) stopped and visited a “Gone With the Wind” museum, complete with memorabilia, little known facts, and dress replicas. Trust me, I’m a “Gone With the Wind” freak.

After a few more days, we unfortunately had to head back to Minnesota. Of course, I was laid up with a huge cold, which excused me from driving… yay! But I was stuck listening to Tracy Chapman and The Police for most of the way home. Mind you, they’re both awesome, but after 14 hours, I’m liable to pull my hair out.

My spring break was odd and unexpected, but it was quite an experience to cross off from my “bucket list,” and of course, it is always nice to be with my family. By the way, how was yours?



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One Response to “Spring Break Part Deux”

  1. Della Says:

    Love how you wrote this blog, Heather. It was for sure very different trip!!


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