Here are some pics of my break 🙂


img_0076We were very surprised with this wall, many of the men in my family all served in the Army

img_0085Pushing my mommy 🙂 I wanted to walk 

img_0145The accident, the pic was taken when we were almost home.

img_0182This was after the twilight party my sister maya, jorge and cousin katie

img_0199My youngest nephew fell asleep in his horsey 🙂

cimg1175My doggie Angel. Given to me as my grandmother passes away last year.

cimg1179Signing in Church.

cimg1177Out of everything at home that I love. I have so much at home. SO much that I value. Yet when I get back on this campus this still feels like my home. This is where I belong. Gallaudet changes your perspectives on things. It is like a wake up call. The people of so many different backgrounds you meet here just amazes you.

That was how my spring break went .

SO glad to be HOME, until next time Tiffany



2 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. Sylvia Love Says:

    Hey Tiffany,
    Looks like you enjoyed Spring Break. Awesome pictures!!!

  2. gutiffany Says:

    Thanks I sure did. I was hoping we had practice that saturday before I left for home. :)) I wish I could go to Pittsburgh though.

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