Catching up


Wow I have not written in so long. There is going to be a million blog’s coming up here in the next few days. I am soooo absolutely sorry for not writing things have been quite busy for me. So I will start this blog off with spring break how things had gone for me over the break and then just start catching up then on :).

Over spring break I had decided to go home for the week. Originally the plan was for me to go to Costa Rica with my friends on the freshmen tour. Only problem was if I were to be stuck in my chair I thought that I was going to be bored I would not have been able to do everything that everyone else was doing. So my parents decided they would come here for a week and spend time with me here. As time went by the plans kept on changing. In the end it was my parents and uncle coming on Thursday to see the BELIEVE group perform. Only then to find out my father had to work. So once again it had changed. They came Friday morning. Leaving really late in the morning. My family is hearing but I swear they live by Deaf standard timing :).

Friday my parents were coming up I was so excited for them to be able to meet my friends here and see Gallaudet campus. I wanted them to see and notice why I wanted to stay here for school. They were right around the corner as Haley and I walked up to the hotel where we planned to meet them. Then I text’d my mom saying “whee soon!!!!” and only to get a reply “no accident”. I was freaking out. When they arrived I got the story as they were turning left some guy whipped out and ran into the passenger side of the truck. All was fine but the truck, is not really much of a truck anymore. I think it looks more like a bananas.

Anyhoo so we toured Washington D.C for a bit. And drove home on sunday I wanted to be home on monday so bad! My parents wanted to go through the mountains and tour on the way home and arrive on tuesday night. We are big Harley Davidson fans. So the goal was to stop at a few Harley stores on the way home. OMG I SAW SOME AMAZING 2009 BIKES!!!. This is where you see the tomboy in me :). My roommate thinks I am crazy when it comes to motorcycles. I ONLY like harleys, it is not a real motorcycle unless it is a Harley. So I have a minor obsession with bikes.

We stopped half way on sunday and stayed at a hotel, monday was the plan to get up and go to harley stores and arrive home tuesday :(. I wanted  to go home. I have this guy there he’s like my mentor. My Really good friends step dad. He is my hero. From the first time I asked to burrow his wheelchair there was a connection. He has multiple sclerosis and is a quad paralegic. Before I came to Gallaudet he had given mned to mee a speech of never giving up. That things will be hard, but no matter what keep faith and hope. Now I had some one who knew what I was going through, and for him in 22 years of being in a chair after he was walking for 20 years he has someone that he can relate to. I was able to have stability. Which was something that I had not had in awhile. And with that it was helping me quite a bit. So going home he was teaching me I could still be Tiffy no matter what happened. 

I told him I was not coming home until tuesday. Which meant less time to learn new things that I could do with my chair. Something he told me I would value once I had gotten it. I never thought I would now I treat it as if it is my kid. ANYHOW we ended up getting home monday night. Sam my bestie who is like my sister to me decided to come up with a plan. She took me to Jim, my hero’s. And we surprised him. I was quite glad my nephew’s new car toy was being built in the middle when I walked in that door. 

Over the week I had done quite a bit, I learned to bowl with a stick that graps the ball while you are in the chair. It takes some experiance and some work. It was fun :). I went swimming, Jim is a champion with lots of medals for swimming in the olympics as a quad. Meaning he only swims with his arms. Something I do as well. But as he made me do a lap they said my legs do move. So I guess that my legs do move. I love water you are free you can stand without pain :). I learned to drive with hand gears. TOTALLY NOT DEAF ABLE!!!! I realized I had so much fun. Within that week I had realized I had gotten myself back. The old TIffany I was getting my independence back.

Sunday I was at church. Oh gosh how much I miss my church. I have quite a bit of parcipatation within my church, I sign in the choir and in the performances to. I fit right in :))))

Anyhow so coming back i decided to fly back to D.C. First time I was flying back in a wheelchair. I had Jim take me to the airport so that I knew what to do. It would be much more comfortable. I wanted to go with my father, but this was something I needed. Over the next few years I would be flying quite a few times so just this once I figured might not hurt so much. 

Getting to the airport. WOW it was empty yet hectic. Going through security, I could write a million pages upon this subject. I will do my best to keep it short. I got hand searched, wand searched as well. My entire chair was swiped with a swab, my seat was swiped and examined as well. They even checked my TIRES!. Checked my shoes and swiped my socks!!! I was like “Are you serious????” It was so embarrassing as if they thought I was going to be popping bombs out of my tires or something.

So we made it through finally. Jim took even longer. I liked hearing the stories he would tell me. There are some fun stories as well as the stories that really make you mad. But when we would just tell stories about what happens sometimes when you are in a chair, really you would never understand unless you yourself was a person in a chair. Anyhow I was so happy to be getting back to Gallaudet. I missed it. I missed signing, friends, and the campus. I also missed I had easy access to transportation with the metro and so forth. I realized D.C (Dirty City) has so much more value to me than I had thought.

Ah so That was how my spring break was. 🙂

until next time Tiff.


2 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. meredith Says:

    I love your pink font! I have seen you around in your pink chair and I think it’s awesome.

  2. gutiffany Says:

    Thank you. I try to make the best of it. IT is not so awesome at points it gets in the way.
    I am not sure if I have seen you around. There are so many students here.
    Thank you

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