the spring semester (new classes)


This semester is pretty tough for me with school, sports, and social life. It is harder than I thought and it is not the same as the first semester, but so far I am doing okay in school with my pre-major courses to take before I take any Education and Mathematics. I am planning to declare my major in the fall of 2009 or spring of 2010. This semester I am taking five classes which are Linguistics 101, Psychology 201, History 111, General Studies Requirements 150 (GSR 150), and Basic Spanish.

I like my Linguistics 101 and Basic Spanish because it is easy and I understand the language concepts in the classes. Two out of five classes are pre-major classes  required to be prepared to become a teacher.  I want to become a math teacher someday.  My major would be Education and Mathematics hopefully. I can minor in Spanish because I like to learn new  cultures and  languages. If I declare a minor in Spanish, I would have an internship somewhere where people use Spanish as a first language. It will give me a chance  to teach at any Spanish school and it might count for both my Education major and Spanish minor for the internship. I will talk with my (Vocational Rehabilitation) VR counselor and see if I can declare my minor.

— Janaee aka JC


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