Made a choice this morning…


I missed my geography class this morning. The reason is that I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and while I was driving to school, I was literally falling asleep on the road. I knew it wasn’t safe, but I pressed on for a few more miles because I felt I must go to class! We didn’t have a test or anything, but I like this class and the teacher and I didn’t want to miss it. Finally I had to decide to pull over in a parking lot and take a nap. I felt really bad about missing class, but it was either that or get into a car accident. Which is less responsible, missing class, or driving drowsy? I decided on the latter and I had to solve that problem first. My afternoon class was already canceled, so when I woke up I drove out to my wife’s workplace and we had lunch. I think in the end I made the right decision, but I do still feel bad about missing class.


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