I Heart Dirty City


I was pondering the other day about Gallaudetians complaining about Washington D.C. being the only location for a fully inclusive college, and that there should be more campuses around like it. I decided here would be an excellent place to express my opinions and thoughts regarding this issue. ‘Imagine Gallaudet in California! Oh my… no Texas!’ This kind of topic has been flying throughout the campus lately. It’s not a vacation…Washington D.C is a remarkable place! What are you guys talking about? I know there isn’t eternal sunshine, tall and lean palm trees, sandy beaches, with pina coladas, and martinis with mini bright colored umbrellas on top. It’s all about loose leafed papers, hard wooden pencils, and dull rubber pink erasers. I personally believe Gallaudet is in the perfect location, despite the somewhat trashy ghetto neighborhoods. You guys don’t realize how much Washington D.C can offer!! It provides good quality of information sources for everything not just only academic. Let me emphasis, the District of Columbia is a reasonable niche that a college student needs for college life.

*Museums – where every individual can have the access for no charge
*Metro – convenient, less time consuming trips to desired regions
*Bars and Night clubs – college nights for cheap

These are just a few examples from the top of my head. Not to mention there are another eight universities where Gallaudetians can socialize and meet a wide diversity of other students to create a whole new circle of friends. If you still think you do not like teh District of Columbia, just keep this in mind, you will be merely living here for your college years and it’s a great opportunity to experience and enrich the D.C life in short span of time. Enjoy it! Take it from somebody who ‘moved’ here from western Canada… D.C. is a great place!!


2 Responses to “I Heart Dirty City”

  1. Casey Says:

    I completely agree with you! There is SO much to do in DC! I have been going to Gallaudet for two years. I have gone to some new place, a new museum, a new site–and sometimes more than one place–EVERY weekend and I have STILL not run out of places to go and see. I think that many students either don’t know what’s out there or they feel like they can’t just go exploring…especially if their friends don’t want to go along. I have found that it is much better to ask friends if they want to go, and if not, I don’t let that hold me back. I set out on my own to explore this great “Dirty City” filled with opportunities. With a Google map by your side, anything is possible!

  2. meredith Says:

    Why do people call it Dirty City? Is it just because of the D.C. initials? Because New York is a lot more dirty than DC, LOL!

    I’m so glad to see people falling in love with my city. I have lived here my whole life and I see things every day that make me proud to live here. It’s great to share my home with others. 🙂

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