I am back!



I finally am back to the site, GBLOG. I had a few crazy months since I got back to Gallaudet from Christmas break in California. A lot of things  happened at Gallaudet University and  I will mention few of the good things.

I left California to go back to school on the day when President Obama entered the office for the first time as a 44th President & the first African-American president in the U.S. History. Once I got there to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), almost all the transportation sites were closed and I was stuck with the Amtrak train to take me to Union Station. Somehow Union Station was closed and blocked off for a few blocks of the road.  I had to walk down the street to look for a taxi until I became lost and alone in Washington DC near Union Station. It was pretty cold to stand as I stood around waiting for a taxi for 30 to 45 minutes.

It was really nice to be back to campus and see all my friends. It also wasn’t cool for me to deal with the 3 hour time adjustment the first day of school in the next day. It took my body about a week and a half to adjust to the time differenec. I also went through the hard times the first two weeks dealing with the deaths of some friends, but I had to face those facts with the deaths and I found another way to move on because I knew the people who were dead are watching over me, my family, my friends, and my friends’ families. It was tough dealing with that a day before  softball tryouts.

The day of the softball tryouts, I was in no shape to practice after hearing the horrible facts back at home and I couldn’t practice.  I was thinking about my friend and what he was  going through without a mom in his life who doesn’t have a chance to see him graduate from high school in 2012 or see her other kids graduate. After the first day, I still was in the head of shock because I couldn’t believe it did happened and I couldn’t imagine what was it is like if I was in my friend’s shoes. The second day of  softball tryouts was better than the first day, but all I can think about was my friend and his family and what did they were going through.

After softball tryouts, I learned I made the team.  I had no skills related to softball except my awesome speed that is needed for the team.  I still am one of the most fastest players on the team and I am so proud of myself for everything that I have done to put a lot of effort in making the team.

We also had our second snow day at Gallaudet and all my classes were canceled.  I was so happy  because I was desperate to catch up with homework and prepare ahead of time to make up the classes that I missed due to softball away games. It was really nice to have our snow days for once before the spring season comes.

— Janaee aka JC


One Response to “I am back!”

  1. Casey Says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s mom, Janaee. I will be praying for you and your friend’s family while ya’ll are having such a hard time with it. I know that you are a strong young woman–just trust God and He will see you through this time in your life.


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