6 more weeks left until school is out!


Can you believe there is only six more weeks until school is out? I am excited to head home in California & spend my summer with all my family members and my friends. I have missed them  since I left California for the spring semester. This semester isn’t bad like last semester because I am  not as homesick as much as last semester. Time has gone so fast already. I can’t believe that I actually am almost done with my freshman year.  I totally am excited for the class of 2013 students to come in the fall.  I will be here for pre-season soccer training camp, and will see my CSD (California School for the Deaf, Fremont) friends who will enroll  for their first year.  I will be glad not to be called a freshmen any longer. I am totally done with being picked on for being a freshman and it will be my turn to pick on the new coming students.

— Janaee aka JC


3 Responses to “6 more weeks left until school is out!”

  1. James Cobbs Says:

    Hello Janaee: It is good to see you back in school and on line again. Your grandmother told me you were the one to pick her up from the air port in Sacramento, CA back in December. I agree with you about the time left in school this semester. So far in HY 415 I have written three papers, read four books, owe two more papers for the semester, and the final exam. In HY 368, we are half way through the sixth book, completed the mid term exam, and we have a quiz every day at 9:05 sharp, the class meets MW & F, and I owe one term paper and the final exam in that class. My other class is PSY 340 and it is all about exams, four of them for the semester, we have completed two of them so far. I seem to have given everything up except reading. LOL It is always good to read about how you are doing. I am so proud of you. I can really understand just how difficult it is to go to school. I have two semesters of AOL, but it is not accepted at USA for a foreign language. I must admit I do not share your feelings about taking Spanish, which is the foreign language I have chosen to take the nest two semesters. I hope you have a nice day and try and keep warm. Your grand dad James.

  2. madison Says:

    i am just wondering how u can stay away from home that long i would die if i had to do that

  3. Omosun sylvester Says:

    The Fact
    I understand the silence I was born with at a very early age. What passed through my person and made me what I am does not have to be explained to me nor do I have to be told that this gift I found to cope within my hearing impairment was one not posed by every one it was as if God takes away with one hand then he gave back with the other “The gift is of sight “learning to hear by sight alone

    The poem
    “Read my lips!” my mother could say.
    She says it every day
    Since suddenly another me
    She doesn’t know how hard it is
    To try to hear that way
    Everyday she faced me
    Her mouth pouts
    Phonating to make me hear
    That is just the way we stand
    That is just the way the figure
    in front of me stand
    My mother and I…Eye to eye

    The Fact
    Though the hearing were not always easy but the were effective when they come even when they came to a small boy whose legs were still unsteady they were accepted the way I accepted my mothers breast each morning

    (I need advice in publishing my works)

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