Home Sweet Home!


I am calling this campus my second home already… There’s no place like home at Gallaudet. Crossing a big fat red ‘X’ over the little box on the calendar and sighing ‘what a spontaneous day eh!’ Nothing beats being a Gallaudetian. Each day is filled with classes and afterwards volleyball and basketball games to watch along with loud, and high spirited and sometimes slightly luncatic fans painted in yellow and blue. The walks to the cafeteria still give me chills up my spine. Every time I take a glance through the window it’s always crowded with energetic, dynamic students with their unstoppable moving hands. The cafeteria continually leads you into stimulating conversations with random new faces; talk about networking. It’s one of the biggest advantages that Gallaudet offers with a smaller student body. Random warm hellos in hallways are inspiring and can make you feel welcome, no matter how new the experience here is. I love how American Sign Language is a priority on campus, and not something only a few people know. It’s such a blessing to know it’s a place that could supply everything a deaf individual needs. Everyday this campus is filled with adventure! Sitting at home eating dinner with my family made me realize how quiet it is compared to Gallaudet. It’s something that you will never have in your own home. I am going to cherish every second while living up my college years at Gallaudet, no joke!


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