Explore a little about Luba


Just some random facts about myself:

1. My world’s favorite ice cream flavor is bubble gum, believe it or not!
2. I am the only child in my family
3. My natural eye color is dark hazel but when my eyes leak it turns into deep green
4. My lovely ink is placed in the most unique location  If you want to find out where it is, come and see me! 🙂
5. Any chocolate related desserts are not kind of my thing
6. Addiction: Gums. I could finish a pack of gum daily
7. I never once traveled outside of North America.
8. I possess scars all over my face, nothing else not even below my head
9. I never once believed in those celebrity crushes so therefore I never had a male celebrity
10. I once had a septum piercing and I am planning to get my hip surface piercings later in the summer.
11. I will never get sick eating seafood, while growing up I was always envious of Asians because they were able to consume them daily. P.S I embrace how they breathe with true sense of fashion too
12. One of my major goals that I do want to accomplish is to work in Australia for a year after my studies at Gallaudet


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