I am in Costa Rica right at this moment! I have been waiting since the Fall Semester to go on this trip and now I am here!
Things here are amazing! With Spanish as the first language I had to search for the English translation. Our guides are so friendly they offered us help any time we need it and considered us part of their family. I felt so welcome, wow, things here are much different from my past experiences in other countries. In France, England, and Italy things were great but in Costa Rica things are even greater because so many of my friends are here! This makes all the difference for me, we could share, laugh, and take eachother to different places all around Costa Rica.
Just now I’ve finished eating dinner buffet at a different hotel. It took a lot of waiting in line to get to the plates and more time waiting to decide which food will I eat?! There was squash soup, salad with different dressings and shredded beets, chicken with sauce, ball shaped potatoes, and spagetti! They all smelled delicious and once I tasted some of them I knew some I would go back for more and some I would not. It was all part of the experience!
I still cannot believe I am in Costa Rica, me and my friend agreed that time seems to go slower around here. There is still a lot of days to go before this trip is done 🙂


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