Being Empowered Living Inspired Exemplifying Victory Everyday


I DID It! I had my first performance. I know it is quite odd that it went so fast. I enjoyed it so much. Sorry I am getting back with the information at how well the things have gone. I will tell you though, I was quite nervous, but as to the crowd they enjoyed it. I felt so much better when their eyes were on me with the “WOW” look. So enough now with the talking and so forth, I am going to put the pics up.

ClydeFirst Pic taken, Clyde practicing

img_0014Tracy, getting an idea.

img_0016Seasons of Love, beginning 

img_0018Sideway view of me

img_0021In action

img_0022Picture time

img_0028“Thank God I Found You’img_0029Continuing our Duet

img_0030Waging War

img_0031Personally my favorite song Ray does Waging War

img_0033Crowd shots from here on

img_00351img_00361img_0037img_00401This was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Best to mention Ray is STAYING!. Thank gosh I do not think that the group could ever be what it is without our serious sarcastic comedian. I love this group so much it is a dream come true. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Any questions let me know. 🙂

Until happy tappy next time Tiffany

2 Responses to “Being Empowered Living Inspired Exemplifying Victory Everyday”

  1. Ray Anderson Says:

    You never did tell mewhy you love “Waging War” so much… LOL
    And I am very glad you enjoyed performing and beingin the group.
    Personally I am glad to have you with us!!

    PS Yeah Clyde too (SMILE)

    • gutiffany Says:

      Waging war… have you watched yourself perform it? It is personally a good song but to see someone just do it so well like you makes it just put you in awe. Also the Watch the Lamb, as that was the first time I saw that in practice it made me almost cry. You make things seem so real, as if it is you singing, you are that person. So I look up to you and hope to improve and learn to perform as well as you.
      Thanks Tiffany

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