Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger


Hellooooo Gallaudet!

My name is Clyde Short II, and I’m the newest addition to the blogger community here on campus. Im excited about adding my spin/perspective of Gallaudet University as a whole. Some issues I plan to feature are: what does it mean to be hearing, hard of hearing, deaf or a CODA at Gallaudet; my opinion of differenct clubs and organizations on campus; fashion tips for those trendy fashionistas out there; world events and their effect on the student body; and many many more. If you wanna see more then you’ll have to check back regularly.  

Anywho, I think it’s fitting I explain a little bit about myself first. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, February 8, 1987. Most of my free time I am doing one of five things: CAPOEIRA, listening to music, hanging with friends, reading, or watchin’ Naruto or Young and the Restless online. For those of you who dont know what Capoeira is, watch this..

That is a vid of my group in Dallas. In a nut shell, Capoeira is a Brasilian martial art which combines dance, acrobatics, music, and self-defense. If you want more in-depth info feel free to contact me. 

Well, my faithful readers, that is it for now. Keep a look out for my next blog, which should be ueber soon. Till then…Mucho Axe



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