Spring Break


This is our last week of school, until spring break. After that we have near five weeks of school left to go. Many of the freshman’s I know of are either going to Costa Rica, or Cancun. Many of the sports players are going to stay right here on campus. Although that was going to be my plan for this break, only thing was there would not really be much to do. Many things would be closed, food wasn’t all going to be open. This would make it quite boring to stay here. 

Change of plans was the idea that my family would just come here and spend the entire week with me. I really liked the sound of that. They would be driving from home which is Michigan for me. The plans were once again changed. We decided that we would leave sunday and go sight – seeing on the way home, then I would fly back to D.C the following monday. This way I was still able to go home and see friends, and my parents still coming to me.

Time has gone so fast we planned this trip out when I left home to come back to Gallaudet in january. Now its is that weekend later almost 3 months later. I am so surprised at how fast the timing has gone. I am nervous for my FIRST BELIEVE performance tomorrow night. This is what I was hoping that my parents would be able to see, unfortunately due to work, they cannot come till friday. But it is THIS friday, 2 whole days till i see them.

Enjoy 🙂 until next time Tiffany


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