Inspirational People


I am not sure exactly what to write or what to do. I know what this blog is about I could simply write a few sentences to explain to you what I want you to read, although it is not that simple of a process.

You see, we have a person that sometimes influences us on how we act upon life. I recently joined the BELIEVE group. When I first saw the man performer sign, I was awe struck. The way this man performed inspired me. About a month ago a good friend of mine had decided to join this signing group. He had asked me to join with him, so I thought no problem. I had joined. First day of practice I knew in an instant this was somewhere I could be comfortable. I had found a place where I had fit in. Not realizing that the group I auditioned to join was BELIEVE.

The first performance was set to be just a few weeks later, March 12th. WOW I thought time flies fast if I practice a lot then I will be able to perform. So I did, and I had asked with Clyde to sign some duets. Altogether I am parcipatating in four of the songs that will be performed this THURSDAY!!!

Ok so getting back onto the topic here. You know the history of how I have met this group and so forth.

Raymont Anderson, this is the guy that has inspired the group to become what it is. This is the man that has left me awe struck at his performance. This was the man that left me with no other option but to join the group as soon as I walked into the practice and saw him. This is the man that has kept BELIEVE going over the past years, This is also the man that has chosen songs and teaches them. This man is resigning from his position.

I was heart struck when I heard that Ray was resigning from his position in the group. 2 Weeks ago it was a saturday practice. Over the past few years things have not seemed to be what they use to be within the group itself. I am not sure of  Everything that has happened it goes with the group.

I just looked at Clyde as he was interpreting we both stared at each other wondering how? Is it a possibility that a man this important to a group leave us? Could we really go on without him?. He has said we could go on with him, but being here for that short period of time seemed impossible. How could you let a man with that much potential leave?. Would you try your best to make him stay? I would my goal was to try and make people realize we need this man. This guy was the most important person to this group. The power he has when he performs. He has the ability to inform inspire and teach all within the songs that he signs.

What I want from this? Here at Gallaudet we need more of a performing arts that deals more with signing, dancing and music. Yes we have the dance company. But we need more than that. We need some way to make the impression that our school our college is just as well as the others. Maybe we dont have this huge band that goes around and compete, but we do have the power to have a Deaf choir. If we could create a class/club that relates to the media and performing arts. I think that Ray would be the perfect person for this. I think that this is something that Gallaudet needs. But my question is how exactly do we propose something like this to the college? This is something that I would love to be in, even if it had contained no credits for taking the class. It is something that would give me more experience within performing and signing in front of more people. Confidence, self esteem, these are major things that many of us need to improve with our daily lives. So this is something that would help.

So my question is can anyone help me? How to get started? How do we find a way to set this up, to offer this?

I really believe that this is something that will benefit the Deaf community.

Please let me know.

Ray[This is The MAN Ray, in a practice]

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