Weekend Beaches


Readers, sadly it took me almost one week to do a new post. ūüė¶ if you are a person which enjoys my blogs that I have been posting I am sorry. I decided to take a weekend vacation, as explained below. Unfortunately I had no Internet. No worries I am back. Read on.

I think that the past week has been one of the most toughest weeks since I have arrived here at Gallaudet. Then again I realize I have the most amazing friends that I could have. I had a “strike” last week couldn’t move my legs. It was upsetting really, getting back in the chair and so forth. The thing was, it was the best time I have ever spent in my chair.

Friday Lisa, and Jb had asked me to go with them to Georgetown, I said “well my chair”. Through text messaging they both told me they did not give a hoo, my chair could never bother any of them and it would be fine. So I went it was a new experience. We left at about 3ish Never in my life had I expected to spend an entire day in one town. We did not get back to campus till 11 30 pm. ¬†Mind you I had set up plans to leave at 11 pm with friends to go to a our friends Beach house.¬†

Getting on with the story, we used the Circulator bus which takes you to the area in D.C where they aren’t metro accessible. It is parked right up by the Gallaudet shuttle stop at Union Station. I got hooked up in the middle and off we went. It was nice since we showed our student ID we got on for free :). Arriving to Georgetown it was not exactly accessible. Luckily my friends would carry my wheelchair up the steps. IT was the perfect day to do this. Shopping along with the sunny weather. They got me to try some new food. We had ate dinner at a French restaurant. Later then shopping more. As a dessert we went ahead and tried some frozen yogurt. I had never in my life tasted something that was so delicious. It was sweet yet still like ice cream :).

We got back to campus finally it was nice. I had to pack as fast as I could so that way my buddies and I could head out to the beach house. WOW it was so nice to be in a car again. The drive was about 2 hours or so that was estimated anyhow. We left at around 12ish for the drive. As we got into Delaware we stopped at a gas station for a break. Oddly there was some strange guy who was driving a SUV wearing a football helmet singing songs. We all were laughing we knew that the weekend had started. Finally off campus stress free, and 1 week till spring break. This was the perfect weekend for this.

We stopped at the beach which was right down the street from where my buddy Ally’s house was. Paul carried me on his back down to the beach. It was nice the smell of the Ocean filled my nose it was the best feeling ever. I miss the smell of the ocean. I miss the chill from the waves. IT was so nice. After a few moments we decided to head to the house and get settled in. It was Deaf- friendly since Ally’s parents are both Deaf and she herself is a coda. Being Deaf friendly meant for it to be Wheelchair Friendly. I had not a problem. Being in this house made me not want to ever leave. My own home back home I have no choice but to walk or crawl, my friends have labeled it as “Flopping”.¬†

We settled in and the next morning we went swimming at a private pool. Not knowing if it was Wheelchair accessible we decided to leave the chair behind and Paul and Haley took turns on carrying me in. Arriving we realized the chair could have came it would have been fine. After swimming we went down the the Ocean shore behind the pool. It was a really sunny and warm day which helped so much. I decided to stand in the water. They were all freaking because apparently the water and the sand was cold to their feet. As for me I could not tell the difference. So as I stood in the water I realized how cold the water was by using my hand to feel it. It sure was cold.


As the day went on we just did all kinds of things. We visited a Beach I forget the name of it, but it was quite packed. So rather than walking the boardwalk there we decided to head to Ocean City. Ally lives only 20 minutes from the boardwalk. Haley and I were acting crazy as we decided to act as if we were some crazy lost children. I was amazed to see that someone had made Jesus out of the sand, apparently he makes them just to be there. Another interesting thing that i noticed there was a miniature theme park. I was hoping we would be able to get in, unfortunately it was closed. Another really interesting place that caught my eye as were were on the Ocean City boardwalk was the fact that there was a Candy Kitchen on every single corner, maybe every 45 feet there was a new one. I have never in my life thought I would see that many Candy Kitchen’s. As for dinner maybe this is boring but we ate at a pizza place, can I say forget the pizza there was an arcade. I felt as if I was a kid all over again. Arcading for almost two hours.

Lastly we spent the night playing cards, the next morning played more games and headed off the the Bethany beach shore. Arriving I was lucky I was having a walking day, this really made my day more enjoyable. we walked down to the shore and just ran around playing and looking at the shells. I asked my friends to explain what it felt like to walk on shells. It took  them a long time. I could not get the concept of pain from shells as they could not get the concept I have no memory of what it felt like to get a cut on my foot. It was an interesting idea that I had stuck in my head.

We then came back, once again the drive was nice. It  felt good to be back on campus as if it was my home, although it was still nice to get away. 

Until Next time, Tiffany


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