Sunny Day


I know and realize this is the second blog I have written today. Although technically it is after midnight, which means it is the first one I have written today. I am quite sure that I will be writing another one tonight. 

I had one of those days that just turns out to be a really good day. The weather here was perfect. It was as if it was a hot summer day back home with a chill. Walking outside with the sun shining down and not a single cloud in the sky zone with the wind blowing steadily. Just that made my day. From that moment I knew that today would be a good day. Knowing that I will perform on thursday, upon my parents arriving friday. Then driving home for a week break. This week is going to go fast I just knew it.

I realized today that being here as a freshman can be hectic. There has been so many problems that have been popping up. But then again if you think about it isn’t freshman year of college hell anywhere? Sorry for the choice of wording within that sentence, but honestly I think that is the best way to put it. My senior year every single one of my teachers all told me that freshman year of college is hell. NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO. There is going to be problems no matter what. As freshman we learn how to be away from home. Cope with the time period being away from our families. For me this was hard. Honestly at first I missed my family so much, we are close, not perfect but close. Time went by and my friends started taking the places of my missing people. 

Secondly freshman year is hard because for many it is the first time for students getting out there. IT is our first time to be INDEPENDENT. Yes we still may have mommy and daddy with us supporting us. But now things change, we start making our own decisions. We start to make the plans for the day. We start doing things on our own, waking up on our own, going to classes as we chose, doing homework without being told, getting our own motivations, when to eat, what to eat. There are so many new things that we are now starting to learn to do on our own.

Third is a valuable thing I think. We start experiencing new things. We start trying new foods, going to new places. We start to advocate for ourselves. We learn how to stand up for our rights, get what we want or what we need. We experience what life will be like as we now move on with our lives and start to enter into the real world. As we learn how tough things may be we start to build our strengths and start preparing ourselves to go out there and live our lives. Another thing is we experience is very common. We learn bad things, we learn the right and wrong. How do we do that. We have to experience the wrong sometimes for us to really know what it is. Many freshmen end up being the ones sent to the hospital for drinking to much, or freshmen end up being the ones who pull pranks. I think it is typical of freshmen’s to do this. They try to see what they can get away with. If you look back to the high school years, do you remember how you were a freshman and thought you were big and bad just because you were now a high schooler. Then as a senior you did not like the freshmen thought that they were just uneducated and annoying or show offs perhaps. I believe that is the same concept as college anyhow. So as freshmen we learn to experience new things.

Fourth connecting to new experiences, we learn who we are. We start to make new friends, and start to see who we fit with. I notice we also judge more, maybe it is within this college. But judgement has become a major part of learning which friends you hang with. I have friends now I never in my life thought that I would have. Everything is based on judgement which is something that we hate most. So using that we learn our friends and maybe jump from group to group until we finally find our selves. Now that we have the ability and the freedom we start to learn who we are. What we want in life. We start to realize “Oh this is me”. I have, with things I have experiences, and being able to be independent I have found who I am. I have learned a lot about who I am, and myself. As I think that others have.

So that is what I have to write. And once again it has all started with the sunny warm day. Isn’t it amazing how such little things can bring up the most randomest, but important facts and realizations in life. Just that simple little thing puts the biggest smile on your face. That is what everyday is like when I see someone smile.

Until next time Tiffany


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