Life in the fast lane


Sometimes I never realize how fast things past by me. I noticed today that half of this semester is nearly over, and in a few weeks we are going home for 2 months. It really shocks me to realize that. As reading Jeri Beth’s (JB’) blog I felt the urge to sit here and write, once again. 

See some people look down on Gallaudet, because they have never been here before. Or the fact that some students here our English is not perfect. They think of how a person writes, or talks (communicates). Is this really what a person should be based on? As I grew up I was always taught get to know those who may seem “different” they may be your best friend. They will teach you things that you would never think you needed to learn. And most importantly you look at a person for their hearts, and their personality. 

Using this I have attracted some of my friends where our personalities are so different, yet we get along so well. For example my roommate / best friend and I met last semester in the beginning. Simply by giving out an email I believe. And then one time we ate at the same table and as i had announced I had Cerebral Palsy which she has also there was an instant connection. Now I have no idea how I could manage the days without her. She figured me out before I knew myself. She keeps my spirit up and she understand what I am going though. She also knows when I am in pain and makes me do something for it :). I look back and think wow it has been 8 months and I have years and years of memories already made with her. I remember we walked then National Mall just to see the sunset at the Lincoln memorial. That is one thing I really enjoy about being at this college. There is so much history just around the corner. For 2 years you could do something new every saturday and experiance a new museum or some kind of walk.

meandhayes[me and my best friend hayes]

Anyhow Time really does go by fast, way faster than I thought. Sometimes at points it feels like it is going really slow, but by time you get past the day you say to yourself “WOW it felt like I was only awake for 3 hours”. I really like that about here. I think it makes the students motivation go up more. Helps them stay motivated to go to classes and do thier work, because at the same time we are making memories in classes as well as out.

I have no idea what to say next, I kept thinking that so many negative things were happening here, but really the positives beat the negatives 1000%. I love it here I know when it comes time to graduate it will be hard. I think that I wont want to leave this place. Being able to be around this many people that are Deaf and sign, its like a dream come true. 

once again until next time Tiffany


2 Responses to “Life in the fast lane”

  1. guwatson Says:

    I love you and Haley.. You are best friends match made in Heaven =P

  2. gutiffany Says:

    aww thanks, I really do not know what I would do without her. We had our times but really who doesn’t. Its nice though to have someone always there I just wish she would stop thinking of everyone else and think of herself sometimes. 🙂

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