Honestly I have no idea what I want to write right now. I just had the urge to sit here and blog.

Sunday night there was tons of snow, it reminded me of home, by home I mean Michigan. It was so pretty I haven’t seen the snow that bright since break when I was home. The snow that falls here is not even close to the snow that I would see back home. Its amazing when you see something that gorgeous and it simply just makes you happy. A nice feeling that takes over your body.

Blowing the magichow I felt in the snow

It all happened because my roommate/best friend Hayes as I call her kept begging me to go out and play in the snow. I kept saying no. Finally I did but i went with just leggings on no real pants, thank goodness I cannot feel my legs!. So we go outside we ran around like a bunch of elementary kids, just letting off anything we held in the for the past few weeks. And it was so pretty that just standing in the snow put a smile on both of our faces. Then I threw a snowball, this is when the real screaming started. We started to get pretty cold my hands especially only things that weren’t covered yet I can feel them :).

Coming back it felt as if I was starting over stress free. Snow makes me happy, its pretty, fun, and brings back memories of home, and memories of being a child.

I encourage you to all play in the snow on Gallaudet campus if you get the chance. For some reason it is like a magical feeling being a child all over again. I must think my wonderful amazing roommate for dragging me out there with her. If it had not been for her I would not have felt this way.

until next time Tiffany 


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