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This is a recent group I have auditioned for.

Let me explain exactly what this group is.

See the man in the yellow? looking at the picture?? His name is Raymont Anderson, this man has become an interpreter fascinated with signing. He decided to get a PHD and continue teaching. Even more he took his passion and started the BELIEVE group which is a group of interpretive dance. They dance sometimes but for the most part perform songs signing. His goal is to make the world more aware of sign and make it more of a Deaf-Friendly environment. Which has lead them to Gallaudet as a perfect place to practice. The group was established about  five or six years ago. They perform all over where ever they are asked to go. Sometimes they will sign the songs that are requested, in as many ways as possible they try to just be a team of signers getting out there spreading the passion of signing songs.

The groups is still good although there are some updates needed. I recently joined as you have read. Although I am the FIRST DEAF person to join this group. I want the knowledge of this group to be more spread out through campus. The songs are more of faith songs, there are some funny songs but I think we need to bring in more hip hop that way there will be more request to perform and we could attract more attention.

This is really a good group, I like to use it as a way to be able to connect with songs, when we sign songs it is so much easier to connect and make it look as if the song is coming from you just because of the expressions. I cannot wait to perform at the first performance march 12th. It is only 2 weeks away. Luckily my parents will also be here. I hope that this will help on my journey to  changing peoples perspectives of signing. Gallaudet has so much that is offered to try and make people fit in to whatever fits you and your personality. And a chance to get out there and do “your thing”.

IF you have any questions about joining this group or performance schedules, anything contact me Tiffany.Barber @Gallaudet.edu

Have an awesome weekend. Until next time Tiffany

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