Biology + Valentine’s Day = Reproduction


I am typing this blog on my laptop sitting against my window watching the droplets of rain hit the pane. Thousands of words running through my mind, pondering, and trying to get my fingers to express what I’m feeling. I am simply speechless how it’s halfway to March. Everyone is getting all hyped up and recently I started to notice how a few students are getting darker and darker. Then I realized…they are hitting up the tanning salons and preparing for their future warm destination for spring break! SPRING BREAK! I never thought this day would come that soon. Time sure flies. Professors are throwing last minute assignments, projects, and exams at us to prepare us for midterms which are about less than two weeks away. My schedule is all packed, and I’m still hoping to squeeze in some space for other significant things occupy me. I am currently multitasking by typing back and fourth on this blog and cramming for my last minute biology assignment which is due in several hours. I love writing! I have stacks and stacks of colorful, scribbled ink all over loose leaf papers in a dusty box back at home. Reading and writing are my favorite thing to do. For me, it is an easy way to escape from reality and reflect my abstract thoughts and feelings through ink.

Anyways, back to the point, this homework I am currently working on is a biology worksheet. I am currently taking Biology 105 (Introduction to Human Biology). It’s one of my prerequisites for a Psychology Major. I am considering majoring in Psychology and doing a double minor in Sociology and Family Studies. I never did really well in Biology during my senior year, I bombed the final exam and even worse failed the overall course with forty-nine percent. Biology was never my kind of thing. I once thought it was a pointless waste of time to learn. Then I met Dr. Jane Dillehay. I could not ask for a better teacher. I must mention how thick the textbook is… filled with countless content and course related vocabulary. I also must emphasis how I loathe memorizing everything all at once. I swore to God when I first had the book in my hand! The first thing that went through my head was, ‘ I am going to fail this!’

Guess what? I aced my first exam with 105% Yes, that’s correct. A five extra percent. I was beyond thrilled, my highest mark ever in Biology. We are now focusing on the specific chapter of reproduction: from life to death and the dreaded HIV/ AIDS chapter. Oh my, REPRODUCTION!! I wonder if my professor decided to work on that chapter specifically during Valentine’s week? Smart choice!

Oh goodness, I have got to spill how the weather is torturing the city of District of Columbia these past few weeks. It has been very uncooperative. It’s super sunny, with perfect temperatures averaging in the 60’s and then all of sudden it drops to the 30’s with ice freezing the ground and a snowstorm the next day. I am starting to get annoyed with having to switch back and forth from my summer jacket and shoes to my winter jacket and boots. Hurry spring… I am opening my arms for your warm welcome.

Gotta jet to hand in the worksheet!


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