Me,myself and Gallaudet


I am new to this Blogging for Gallaudet. I am sure I will catch on sooner or later, after all I am a “Babbler”.

Ill start with an introduction of who I am, and a slight history of my background.

My name is Tiffany Barber, I am a freshman here at Gallaudet *representing BISONS*. I am a Michigan girl, born and raised in the cold “hand”. I like to say that because luckily I can show people where I live by using my hand as a mit. I grew up Hard of Hearing, but became completely Deaf at the age of 10. My family is oral, they do not sign, so by the time i turned 14 I agreed with them to go ahead and receive a Cochlear Implant. Went to mainstream schools which is where I used my signing skills. I also have a physical Disability I have a mild condition of Cerebral Palsy, and some other conditions which affects my walking.

Using that as a Background check there you can have a better idea as to what I have grown up with. Recently I have had a major change in my life. I spend maybe half of my week in a wheelchair now, this is something I have come to adjust and terms with over the past few years.  Gallaudet helped me somewhat with this transition and let me move into Carlin, which has handicap accessible rooms. They are bigger, shower seats and so forth. More set up for those with wheelchairs.

Ok so now Gallaudet, what is there to offer here? Why Gallaudet?

First I told my family I refused to continue going to hearing schools. I wanted to go to a school where I would have the ability to sign without judgement, and also be able to understand an entire class section. I have tried the SSP which is the Science Star Program which made a large influence upon this decision also, I will have a blog on this later. I came to Gallaudet, I already knew what I wanted in my life, I just hoped that Gallaudet would have the Programs for it. I want to be a teacher. For the Deaf in the mainstream and  those children with special needs. Deaf in the mainstream, why would I want to do that? I want to work with those in the mainstream because i know how tough it is, I know how hard it is to understand what is going on. So my goal is to be a DEAF -ED teacher in the mainstream. This is a little different. With the mainstream programs, you aren’t neccessarily teaching, you are more of a support area. Where the student has weaknesses is where you help, homework, clubs, fitting in, tutoring, and mainly Advocating for themselves. I had the support with homework. Although my teachers never understood fully what I was going through, so I want to be able to support these students and give them the things that I never had. Secondly those with special needs. These kids I’m telling you put the biggest smile on your face. People never realize the hearts these kids have, they never realize how much those with special needs can affect you. An example is a student I spent time with for my senior year was a blind autistic child. I can speak, and I use a cochlear so this helped to benefit. I learned braille and I learned her way of life. To a major shock she cried the day I left. My heart goes out to this young girl her mother looked at me and said “You gave her a reason, You gave us a reason”. I was the first person outside of the family she gave a hug to, the first person she put her trust to willingly, and most importantly I was her first friend. To know that you can make that big of a difference in someones life it touches you, and people do not see that. So I think here at Gallaudet we have so many people of different backgrounds, Deaf in the institues, Deaf orals, Deaf with Deaf families, Hard of Hearing with Hearing family, the list goes on its practically infinite. I believe that it will help me to learn new ways of accepting others, accepting change. Maybe help with adaption in life to new things, new people, new ways. I never thought my experiance here at Gallaudet would be half as much as it is now. And i plan to stay for 4 to 5 years. I am curious to see how much I grow.

Thats all for now. Its time for me to stop blabbering, Ill start up on a million topics if I keep going. Hope you enjoy 🙂

NO child is different.

NO child is different.

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