Fall Fashion Show


It seems an interesting place to go. One of my friends is modeling in the fashion show event. Along with curiosity I decided to go. It was set in the SLCC; platforms were propped and prepared in the first floor. Everything looked ready before the event, already looking good.

On the night of the event, paid the admission and checked out the seats. I picked the one in the middle with a good view of the two platforms. The show didn’t start until 10 minutes passed. A slideshow of the models in pictures of black and white showed as a warm up. They are good pictures but only a few pictures of my friend, disappointing. The two hosts came out, introduced themselves, and started the Gallaudet Fashion Show.

The first thing I said when the model gave her first pose was ‘I bet she’ll do the same pose again.’ She did and so did the rest of the models. A-one and a-two, pose n pose, predictable! I critiqued negatively many time, ‘walking too fast ’, ‘too bouncy, huge hip thrusting and ‘they are modeling not for clothes but for their body’.  There was rarely a positive note from me, ‘that is new, hmm good’, ‘original, didn’t expect that’, and ‘very model-like’. I think there were some who looked at me expectantly when I made a comment; one or two people did nod agreeably to some of it. Some models did have me speechless, ‘nice, nice, that’s nice’. I am not an expert in fashion at all so don’t take me seriously, at that time I looked like I was because I can’t keep my hands down!

There was exciting programs in between the 3 modeling segments. All songs, the first was signed and dancing. I didn’t expect this to happen at all. It was suprising to know that there is some students who, like me, can hear the lyrics of the song and sign it. There is a dancing segment for the second break. Again I made negative comments because I kept looking for mistakes, loss of rhythm and some dancers not keeping up with the others. The last dance blew me away. It was both signing and dancing, but with dance moves I have not seen firsthand. Swing dancing! It made me jealous that they could do that and it looked so good. Made me feel I should have joined, should have thought of it, should have, should have on a lot of things. It is inspiring! 

I’d say the third dance paid for the entire event and made it memorable. The event showed me variety in Gallaudet’s events. It was not academic nor did it belong to homecoming events, this is different than I expected. It also made me realize that I could be a negative critic and that is not a good thing for me.  


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