Delta Zeta Skit


 An old basketball rival from high school asked me to go and watch her pledge skit. ‘At Ole Jim’, she said. I couldn’t say no because I was curious as well. My good friend heard about it as well through her friend and we asked our other friend to join as well. Three of us is better than going there alone!

Paid money to go in, we sat down and got settled.  There were 4 pledges going around meeting people and making sure they were comfortable, one of them pained her face white. The skit was about 17th century vampires, ooh interesting.

When it seemed the play was about to start the pledges waited, I wondered for what until I saw the sisters marching in one line and going around the audience and sat in the front row, seriously stonefaced. I laughed, ‘Woo, must be serious. Poor pledges!’

The pledges started introducing themselves, then one person out of the four repeated all of their names first, middle, and last name in order. I could see she was haltering in remembering their names right, all I was thinking was ‘Dang she is lucky there weren’t 20 or 40 pledges!’ The play started after that.

First there were one vampire, hungry of course so she then turned 2 mortals into vampires and by her whim she planned to take over the universe by making all of us audience into vampires! Then the original vampire’s servant decided to do something about it. What happened next was something I would’ve never expected. The servant took out packs of Kotex pads, unwrapped them and stuck them on the sisters, claiming wildly that it would stop their bleeding and prevent them from becoming vampires. The vampires came to her to stop her and she took off her shirt to reveal white jumpsuit and superman underwear. The servant hurriedly took out tampons from her ‘utility belt’ unwrapped them the same, removed the cardboard tubing and flung the tampons at the vampires. She did this three times and stopped the three vampires. Yay! We’re saved!

Thus, the play ended. The sisters stood up and left in line the same way they came in… with three of the Kotex pads still on the sisters heads! It was very memorable! Something to tell to the family and friends back home ^_^


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