Valentines Day!


Ah, love day!! It wasn’t a time of love for me. Instead, I hung out with a few great friends and had a dinner and a movie. We went on sort of a double date. I went with a girl named Bree, and my friend Jeremy took Karina. We left Gallaudet on the shuttle bus to Union Station where we were going to eat. We hadn’t made any dinner reservations or plans so we had to decide on the spot where we wanted to eat. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was in Union Station and it was “EXPENSIVE”. I ordered a fajita, beans and rice. The food was pretty good but it wasn’t a high quality restaurant like Red Lobster or Olive Garden.

Shortly after eating we went and saw “Friday the 13th”. The theater was located in Union Station as well. We were lucky to get into that movie because it was full after we bought our tickets. Like any horror movie, it made me jump in my seat several times. It wasn’t the most romantic movie to watch on Valentines Day but it sure was a good movie to watch! I had a great night out on the town and I plan on doing that a lot more this semester.


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