Superbowl Party 2009!


  The superbowl party that i attended with several Gallaudet University friends turned out to be a great one. I had a blast and the best part about the party was that there was no alcohol, drugs, or anything available that could’ve made the party a negative experience. Instead we had some good food and drinks like BBQ chicken wings, taquitos, pizza bagels, diet coke and other things like that.

   We all sat in the living room the whole time and watched the game. There was one weird thing though about the game, I was the only one that wanted the Steelers to win!! Of all the people that were at the superbowl party, I was the only won that cheered for them. It was crazy cause everytime the Cardinals did something good, they all danced and said things like, “What now Ryan!!” Of course I was the one who left the party happy because the Steelers beat the Cardinals 27-23!! There’s a video of the party. Check it out.


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