Once Enemy, Now Teammate?


Both of my younger brothers Jeremy and Brandon attend school in Branson, Missouri and play football for the Branson High School pirates. They faced a familiar foe twice this past season. Once in the regular season and once in the first round of the playoffs. My brothers lost both times. I won’t reveal the name of the player they played against but he was deaf and he ran all over my brother’s team twice. He plays for Webb City high school and is DEAF!

He plays for a hearing school and is the only one deaf on the team. He is in the same situation as I was in when i was in high school. Despite being deaf, he led his team past my brother’s team, and on to state championship. His team won the state title by about 20 or so points. Following the season, he was one of the highest ranked running backs in Missouri.

The first meeting my brothers had with him was in October. Following that game, my dad went down to the field and met him. He told him about how he just played two kids who have a brother that plays at Gallaudet that is deaf as well, ME! My dad spoke with an interpreter in which the interpreter relayed his messages to that runningback. My dad told him about this past season and how I started as linebacker my freshman year. My dad went on and on about Gallaudet University football and talked about me attending there and my experiences that i’ve had so far. The kid finished off the conversation by saying “Gallaudet is now on my list of schools to attend!” My dad shook hands with him and then left for home with my brothers, mom and the kids. That kid will be a senior in high school next year so if i play football with him as a teammate, it will be my junior year.

Will he be a teammate after once being an enemy? We’ll see in the next year and a half! Posted are a couple pictures of my brothers. Jeremy, soon to be senior, is number 19. Brandon, soon to be junior, is number 9.


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