Football Offseason!


We have no football now, which means we have off-season workouts daily. This is usually the time of year that determines which teams during the upcoming season will be successful. Of course you need good coaches and some talent to win games as well but weightlifting is very critical to a successful program.

Every Monday and Wednesday, We have an afternoon workout starting at 5 and it consists of working on the upperbody as well as doing some abdominal (abs) work. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we do what we call “Tire Flips”. It doesn’t really take a genious to figure out what that workout is. Basically our coach lines up 2 big tires on the endzone on the football field and he has all the players line up into two different lines behind the tires. It’s pretty much a race to the other side of the field. Our coach starts the stopwatch and the first two players constantly try to flip the tire. They keep flipping until coach tells them to rotate then two new players step up to flip. Each player gets 30 seconds to do as many as they possibly can.

That doesn’t finish the workout for Tuesday and Thursday as we go back inside to do some work on our legs with some squat and powerclean. It’s a pretty hectic workout but it’s all to prepare us for the upcoming season as we try to win more games and improve this football program. And to be honest, i love doing the tire flips because there’s a lot of excitement and the players get very competitive. Every workout session we’ve had so far has been great and coach has complimented us on all of our hard work.

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