Do you take excuses?


First of all, before starting business- I apologize for not writing up lately! Again, when you’re in California for a got to vouch for me! I don’t mean to be egoistical about where I come from but my nirvana is California. Then I had a busy start for the semester- Campus Activities staff training week, cheerleading practice, and vagina monologue rehearsals.  This semester I do have lot on my plate, for sure.

One of my own pet peeves about myself is that when it comes down to asking for favors- I do not know how to say no. This semester I am responsible for the National Teach-In Day which just happened today! I am part of the Vagina Monologues- I’ll do “Because He Liked to Look At It”. I am also on the cheerleading squad and the team will compete CAC’s cheerleading competition at Gallaudet on Feb. 21. and I am so nervous about that. I also am focusing on Powershift 09- a convention for national college students to gather up and pursue for cleaner energy. Green Gallaudet is working with Powershift 09 this year and I am very thrilled about that!

You guys will be treated with a long entry coming up by sunday!




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