Where to begin…


Who am I? My name is either Patricia (legally), Ms. Covell (if you want to be formal), or Rose (my ‘nickname’ with family and friends). To be totally clear and straight my full name is Patricia Rose Covell, 18 years old, graduated Oregon School for the Deaf in ’08, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and currently a freshman on her second semester in Gallaudet.

How did I get to Gallaudet? Lets say my family is deaf. Worse, lets say I’m a 4th generation deaf child in my family. Ooh yea lots of pressure even when it is unconsciously done from my family. In our old house in Oregon my mom decorated the den with Gally materials, a blanket, banner, picture frames, Kappa Gamma paddles from my dad and uncle, Phi Kappa Zeta owl dolls from my mom, pillow with a picture of chapel hall on it, some paperweights with ‘G’ on them. It was called the ‘Gally Room’. Then there’s the stories of Gally years from my uncles and grandpa whenever I visit them for holidays. My dad’s favorite story is when his brother took a protest that changed the way the world views Gallaudet in 1988, to me as a young girl it inspired me more than any other story. It came as no suprise to my family when I was accepted to Gallaudet. A hug from my parents and a pat on the back from my uncles (secretly telling me what pranks to do in the dorms) and I was all ready to go to this new world.

Here I am, ready to make MY mark on Gallaudet, hopefully a bigger mark than others in my family. Could be just wishful thinking, maybe not 🙂

Me, Mom, Dad, and Brother

The Family Covell: Me, Mom, Dad, and Brother


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