Christmas Break!


  The one word to describe this trip back home is… Amazing! It had been so long since i’ve been home. After doing what i did playing football and getting good grades for the fall semester, the one thing I looked forward to was to see my family and spend quality time with them. I think for a couple months, I actually found myself missing the craziness of my home life. If i didn’t already mention it, I come from a family of 9 kids so that’s why it’s crazy. It got so quite at Gallaudet, that I actually wanted to hear some noise even if it was crazy. (Lol)

    The biggest thing I missed about home though wasn’t the noise, but was the homestyle cooking of my mom. WOW it was amazing! If you’re a Gallaudet student, you will feel the same way because let’s face it, you don’t like having the same food everyday in the cafeteria right? My mom cooked for almost every meal we had while i was back at home. The food was a really nice thing to enjoy while being back at home. My all-time favorite meal that my mom cooked for me while I was down there was the famous mexican chicken casserole!

    But to talk about the best thing I got to experience while being on the break, i will have to talk about the many shows and attractions I got to go to on almost a weekly basis. Many people down in D.C. probably don’t know where Branson, MO is or how many people even live in it. To explain in a very short sentence though, Branson is one of most famous vacation sites for people to go to.

    On just about every night, there are shows all over town and they are all diffent in there own special way. A lot of shows that are available in Branson range from different famous quartet groups, comedians, or even Elvis impersonations. I think overall, I was able to go to 5 shows. It was really great and to add on to that, I was able to actually meet with the famous Elvis impersonator and take a picture with him. It just so happens that the Elvis impersonator became good friends with my parents and loved our family and talked to them all the time. Well we went to a local gas station close to our home and we saw him. My mom told me I have to meet him so I said “Ok yea cool!” She took my camera and snapped one of me. It was really great to do something like that. I have more to write about my trip but i just wanted to write a little bit about the highlight of the trip which was getting to meet the next “Elvis”. It was great!!!



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