Real Women, Me?


There’s an annual show called REAL WOMEN, REAL BEAUTY and I’m trying to decide if I want to sign up to participate. I want to feel good about how I look, but I’m trying to remember from last year, and I don’t remember any actual fat chicks in there really. The auditions are 8-10pm on February 17th, which is late at night for me, but I could do it. If the show really is about REAL women, I could do it…I think I’m pretty enough, just fat. Brandi TenEyck was such an inspiration when she participated in Bison’s Next Top Model last year. I want to do this…I think I can do it. I need to e-mail and find out what is required.


3 Responses to “Real Women, Me?”

  1. colleen Says:

    First of all, you’re not fat. Second, you’re BEAUTIFUL! Do it dude! Seriously, just do it.

  2. Casey Says:

    I totally agree with Colleen–you are beautiful and you should go for it, Meredith! My motto is that you never will know until you try 🙂

  3. Brandi Says:

    I found this by typing “brandi teneyck” to find old article that was published during my high school year.

    I want to thank you. 🙂

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