Labyrinthine Membrane Rupture


I think I figured out the cause of my hearing loss, and I owe it all to Law and Order. Criminal Intent, actually.

There’s an episode revolving around scuba divers, and one mentions that he can’t dive anymore because he had a labyrinthine membrane rupture (LMR). Later, a doctor confirms this “inner ear condition” and says the guy can’t dive deeper than a swimming pool.

I tried to go to scuba class last night. We had to do a depth test, and this time the Valsalva maneuver wasn’t even mentioned until after a few people, including me, had gone. The first people made it fine, but I had to crawl out of the pool, crying in pain. I knew it was the water pressure because I’d ruptured both eardrums in Bermuda in 2006. As a result, I lost some hearing. In 2008 the audiologists at Gallaudet said I had sensorineural hearing loss.

So when I saw this LMR thing on TV just a few hours later, I looked it up. Imagine my surprise when the third result says LMR can cause sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

I’m not going to get it diagnosed and all that. I’m pretty sure student insurance wouldn’t cover it, and I spent $5700 on hearing aids that allow me to function just fine. But the Magic 8 Ball in my mind is saying “my sources say yes” about this LMR thing. Crazy! I should write to Criminal Intent and say thank you.


One Response to “Labyrinthine Membrane Rupture”

  1. Suigetsu Says:

    What a coincidence! I just looked this up and stumbled upon this post while watching the episode you’re referring to.

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