That’s Gallaudet For You!


Hello there fellow readers! Once again I’m back at good ol’ Gally after a month- long break spent doing absolutely nothing and I never thought it could feel so fulfilling.

After being snatched from the comforts of home in the name of academic responsibility, I started to make a mental list of the things that really suck about Gallaudet University and I decided to share it with you- because where else are you going to get information this honest? Please bear in mind that I love Gally, but like any other university, it has its flaws! So here’s a list of said flaws:

1. The food sucks: Sure, the first week you arrive here, a naive freshman or visitor, you’re amazed at the delicious food waiting for you. Then the first week ends, and you find yourself eating the same combination over and over and over, mainly because everything else is either disgusting or you’re just afraid to try something new since, once again, everything else is disgusting. You’ll often resort to ordering in but will have to face a dwindling bank account, which will force you into the cafeteria, unless you prefer to starve.

2. There are big cockroaches everywhere: Enough said.

3. Showers: Two problems I often encounter include (1) barely touching the shower knob and going from freezing to scalding hot water and (2) standing under a trickle, trying to rinse my hair out.

4. Washing clothes costs money: You’d think after paying a hefty tuition, Gally students would be spared from paying $1.25 per load. Even RIT doesn’t charge it’s students anything!

5. The dorms ain’t that nice: Picture carpet coated with stains and hair that is definitely not yours, and you’ve got a typical Gally dorm room.

That’s all I’ve got for now, feel free to add yours! Prospective students or visitors, don’t let these flaws keep you away from Gallaudet University, in my next blog, I’ll list the upsides to living at Gally, I promise.


3 Responses to “That’s Gallaudet For You!”

  1. Kati Maloney Says:

    Hey, I am doing a research project for my asl class. I was woundering if you could give me some of your opinions on Gallaudet. I have an entire semester to do my paper but i thought it would be better to get more opinions and different perspectives. I’m hearing but i have a good friend that is deaf, this is my second sign language class. I LOVE it!! If you could give me an opinion on your classes compared to your other school or even just the people, it would be awesome. Thank you hope to hear from you!! Kati

  2. heatherbreitbach23 Says:

    Kati, thanks for your interest!
    Being at Gallaudet broadened my mind, not just by meeting people with varying degrees of deafness, but by also meeting people of various religions, race, beliefs, etc. It’s really a melting pot here. I’ve got my share of classes I absolutely hate, but for the most part, communication is so much easier here, which makes learning, for me, even easier. Some classes are definitely challenging, although I’m not sure if that’s typical of a university or just Gallaudet.

    If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to help you out!

  3. Tabs Says:

    I’m in my last year at Gallaudet and I have changed so much since coming here – for the better. I’ve learned so much about what it means to be Deaf and I see myself and others in a whole new light. It has really changed my perspectives with respect to discrimination, limitations in the hearing world, access to total communication, and the amount of support here is incredible. It wasn’t until my last year here, did i realize who my true friends really are. I’ve learned so much about people and their strugggles and successes and had I not came to Gallaudet, I would have never experienced a different world. I do not regret coming here one bit.

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