Fall Semester is over!!


Can you believe that classes are over? I made it through the first semester of my college years at Gallaudet University. I can’t believe that I actually did make it through the first semester. I thought it was going to be hard and slow because it is my first time away from my family and it is really far from my home in California. I paid for it with my own money along with support from my parents for my school debts. I enjoyed my first semester here at Gallaudet University especially my first time playing soccer for Gallaudet. The first time I joined, I didn’t know anyone except Taylor who brought me to the team and Coach Sarah welcomed me to the team. I had so much fun during the soccer season include some of our road trips to our away games. I am going to miss our little road trips together as a team. My favorite memory of the soccer season is when we went to one of our away games against Lancaster Bible College, I played defense in the game and I got the ball and dribbled all the way to other side of the field and attempted to shoot the ball to hit a goal. I missed because I was not that good at shooting the ball with my left foot. That was a memorable moment for me. I was really excited because it was the first time I ran down the whole field of the opponents from our 10 yard line to their 10 yard line and attempted shot as defensive player. I will not forget any of those memories during the soccer season.

Now the fall semester is over and the students and I have our finals this week. We can start our winter break on Saturday, December 13. I am super excited to head home to California to see all my friends and family. I missed them so much and it is hard to be away from them for four months including Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is when everybody is supposed to be at home celebrating with their families. I missed my thanksgiving dinner with my family a few weeks ago because I couldn’t afford to go home. It was hard not to celebrate with my family especially seeing my mom. Tuesday, December 16 is when I will arrive home and see my parents, my family, and my friends. It would be great to be home and the first person I will see is my mom and I will give her a bear hug once I land at San Francisco Airport.


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