College Football


All I can say is that it’s so much different from high school football. In high school, football was really more of a fun game. In college, it’s all about business. We play to win and that’s all. That didn’t happen a lot this year but we did our best and that’s all you can do. The first day being here was pretty interesting. The day of our first meeting was the day I was to arrive at Gallaudet University. I had arrived to Gallaudet and walked in to our meeting room where coach Hottle was already giving out football rules, instructions, and goals that we had set for the upcoming season. No one noticed me when I had walked in the room because they were all facing the opposite direction of me and they couldn’t hear me walking in. Coach Hottle was signing and talking when I walked in so that helped me to understand what he was talking about. We had a nice dinner that night out on the track field where we were giving out a couple jerseys to our athletic director and to the president of the school. We had a small ceremony to celebrate the new “Turf” field that was built during the 2007 offseason. It was an exciting night to start of the season.

Practices and games for Gallaudet was nothing like I had ever experienced before. The main thing was that there was more involvement. What I mean by that was the players were more involved with practice and were more into the game of football. They were here for two things, their education and football and that was clear to see on the field. The practices were a little harder and there was more to learn. The signing and communicating to the deaf is the same as I had explained in my “Deaf World” paper. The biggest thing that I noticed was the size of the college athletes. Every team we have played against had some really big players. I started as a freshman here so when I took that field with all of those veterans who have lifted weights and have played for several years, it got a little scary for me. For the position I play, it is normal for me to hit lineman that are twice my size and who bench press over four hundred pounds. These guys are huge and it was my job to hit them most of the time as well as chase “fast” running backs and receivers who are a lot faster than me. Besides me having communication problems with the players for Gallaudet, it’s the sport of football that helps me to feel more at home. It was the one thing I got to look forward to everyday when classes and such were finished.


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