Big City Life


Back where I come from, you don’t have people driving wildly and it’s not normal to hear a lot of loud noise. I used to live in a small town in Arkansas where it was quiet and peaceful. And coming from a big family, that was the perfect lifestyle for us. What was cool about living in a small town was that it seemed like everyone knew each other no matter where you went. Another thing I noticed too about living in the south is that everyone seems happier. In D.C. it’s crazy everywhere you go especially with all of the traffic. And where Gallaudet is, in Washington DC, it does get pretty noisy and crazy. But another thing too, I noticed, is that i’m only one of the few people here that can hear noise. Most people at Gallaudet University are deaf so they can’t hear all of the craziness outside. It’s pretty peaceful for them pretty much all the time.  It’s not too bad, but there are those times when people are honking like crazy and i’ll hear police cars and fire trucks blaring their sirens. I guess it will just take some time for me to get used to the big city life. One thing I did notice about living here is that there is so much to do when I leave campus. Gallaudet is located right by some of the hotspots of DC like the Washington Monument, the state’s capital, The Archives, and even the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. It’s just a short metro ride and i’m there. I’ve only went off campus twice to go sightseeing but I took tons of pictures and videos when I did. Overall, I would say that living in DC is a good experience and i wouldn’t change a thing. I had thoughts of transfering back closer to home but after seeing how awesome this place is, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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