Being Away From Home


A lot of people don’t have the opportunity to go to college after they graduate high school but I’ve been blessed with that opportunity. With that positive, comes a negative. Because I do live in Arkansas, I was forced to travel two thousand miles to come here to Gallaudet. I have become pretty close to my family so it was tough. There were times though when I felt like I couldn’t wait to move out of the house because of all the stress I’ve had to deal with growing up. I have a lot of brothers and sisters in my family and I’ve become close to all of them so the biggest difference for me was going to be waking up with no noise, no stress, and “definitely” no more changing diapers and babysitting. What’s interesting was that it has always been stressful and I’ve always wanted peace but it was never possible in family. Going to Gallaudet was going to be the big change in all of that. The first few weeks were great because I didn’t feel stressed with all the noise but after I got used to it being quiet and peaceful, I started to get a little bored. I noticed back when I was at home, I always had something to do because there were a lot of us. So I started to get bored pretty quickly. I have only met a few people here on campus so I don’t do a whole lot on campus.

Another thing that’s changing is my food choices. I like the food here at Gallaudet but I find myself eating the same thing everyday. There are not a lot of different foods here so I have been missing the home style cooking and the different varieties of food that my mom makes. Even though there are some negatives about being here, I really enjoy it because now I get to live a more independent life. I get to go to bed whenever I want, eat whenever and pretty much whatever I want, hangout and do just about anything at any given time or day. Growing up with a lot of other kids meant that my parents were more strict. That prevented from being able to do the things that most high school kids got to do. Me going places was a rarity back in high school so that is definitely something better about living away from home.

Overall, living on my own will be a great thing because it will allow me to get out into the world and experience things that I never would have done when I was younger. Obviously for me, those will be good experiences, and i know now I that won’t do anything I know will harm me in the future. For most people, getting to live away from home means that they will get the opportunity to smoke, drink, and party all they want to but that’s not the case for me. I want my college life to be meaningful and full of excitement and new learning experiences.


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