Memories of Times Forgotten


Yesterday I had to go to Payroll Office to get my time card signed since I forgot to do it. [I usually do eTime]. As I climbed the three floors up to the third floor of College Hall, I began to reflect on Gallaudet University. First, I decided that I really ought to take pictures of the University to show my friends, who had never visited Gallaudet, what it looks like.

When I finished (a mere five minutes later) and headed downstairs and out to meet with my roommate at the Cafeteria on the other side of the campus for lunch, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia and a REALIZATION. It has been nearly two years and a half as of next week. It feels so weird to think that I’m entering the second half of my third year this upcoming Jan, and how things have changed on campus so much and how things have changed for myself.

I do remember College Hall my freshman year. During NSO Week, my friends and I played around there. We dared each other to go through the coffin door (Pictures will be posted in the next post, if interested) due to the myth. During that same time, my friend dropped and broke a sidekick she had just brought that day.

Now, I’m an older, more experienced student and when I look at the freshmen of this year, some of whom I’m friends with, I feel a weird sensation. I was once like them. Naive, not sure about how things worked at College. I was once unsure about my friends and was in the midst of developing friendships with other freshmen and older students. My freshman year was probably one of the most defining year I had in terms of friendship and getting to know who I was when it came to my identity as a Deaf person rather than a HOH person in a hearing world.

In terms of finals, though, everything is hectic. I’m so busy; it’s absolutely ricid! I’m dealing with three papers due next Thurs, a Class Observation tomorrow, and two tests on Monday. I’ll be happy to go home and SLEEP forever, but even then, I’m still not free from school. I still have to do things for my Honors Capstone class in the Spring (HON 487 – Prep for Senior Honors Project). Pictures and more memories will be forthcoming!


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