Do not judge movies by their covers


One of the weekends before Thanksgiving break, I went to SAC theater and watched Hellboy 2 with two of my friends. I had nothing else planned. Judging from the movie cover, I thought it would be a pretty scary movie. I decided to join my friends so  I don’t have to feel scared  watching this movie alone. While I watched the movie, I closed my eyes on some of the  parts that I thought would be scary until I realized they weren’t  scary after all. One of my favorite parts when the Hellboy punched a person who has an airhead after he said, “You need anger management because you can’t handle your temper.” Then somehow the airhead person went into the lockers and slammed Hellboy into the locker doors. I thought it was hilarious and I actually enjoyed this movie. I learned one thing about the movie – never judge a movie by its cover. It’s much the same as the quote, “Do not judge the book by the cover?”  My advice to everyone is do not judge this movie by its cover. 🙂


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