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I love finals- because it means black coffee and bringing the best out of Clara! I wrote y’all up an entry while being inside the plane. Yep, I went home for Thanksgiving and word of advice: if it’s California- don’t go until your winter break! California got me distracted, too comforting (okay, it ain’t just California, it’s also home!) and doing homework was somewhat difficult. Rating the difficulty from 1 to 10 scale, I say its 12.

As of right now I’m on the plane to Las Vegas where I will make my connection to San Francisco. I just cannot wait to be home for Thanksgiving, even though it will be just a four day stay but being home counts. Lately for me at Gallaudet University I have been cramming on my ENG 399 Seminar Paper, which is worth forty percent of our final grade. The paper isn’t just a huge weight on my grade, it will also determine if I can enroll into the English majors. My apologies for neglecting the blog lately! (As I typed- there was turbulence)

You know, I hate airports because the place symbolizes heavy emotional influence. Either it’s a good bye or welcome back! But it isn’t all about that jazz, we sometimes do not realize that the airport is filled with some really rude people. I must share this to you all today, I have encountered lots of rudeness today. First I went to check in and bumped into our recently-elected Graduate Student Association Vice President: Rachel Berman! It turned out that we were on the same flight which was cool, we kept each other company and I got the chance to get to know her. She’s a rad gal who I will later work with in Vagina Monologues.

Anyway, I was getting my stuff on the x-ray machine conveyor belt and a woman walked right in front of me and piled her stuff ahead of my stuff! I was speechless, she didn’t even ask- she quickly proceeded to the metal detector area. I thought to myself “Well I have two hours before my plane leaves so sometimes other people really need to go.” I managed to keep my cool although I had just pulled off an all nighter- I haven’t slept for twenty-four hours. Just a quick tip- never do anything last minute. Back to the point, when Rachel and I boarded the plane; I had to go to the restroom so I decided to use the back of the plane which was a dumb idea. When I came out of the door and my seat is in the fourth row- I was all the way back and people would not just stop coming in! I decided to play the game by myself, portraying the rows as a video game setting. I walked to row sixteen and stayed inside the aisle, I helplessly watched more and more people lining up in the pathway. I became frustrated because all I wanted to do is SIT! Then all of sudden- people finally stopped coming in! But the problem was that there’s still a line in the pathway which blocked me from getting to my fourth row seat! I became tense because I did not want any more people coming in! The guy who is in my aisle’s pathway carried a pretty big carry-on bag which took up most of the “cushion” space of the line which annoyed me! I kept on hinting to him that he should just simply lift the bag and let me through but he wouldn’t! Finally the line moved and I timely went through and got back to my seat.

If you think that’s all the rudeness I encountered today, wrong! Ever had any next-to-seat mate from hell? I was in the middle which I didn’t care because my mate on the left is Rachel who spent most of her trip leaning to the window. But the right seat mate who I will just call Cindy, she is a petite Asian woman who seemed very friendly. She gestured that she loves my earrings so I got a good vibe from her. But from what I learned- the vibe doesn’t necessarily determine the rest of experience on the flight with Cindy! She could not stop moving, she leaned on me and slept, she took up most of the arm rest space. I never had any stranger leaning to sleep on my shoulder! I grew irked and decided to send out a signal. She moved to a comfortable position which allows her to lean on my shoulder further, I leaned leftward to Rachel. Cindy woke up and gave me a long blank stare and slept. Even now, I still don’t understand HOW can you lean on a stranger’s shoulder to sleep?

The solution to this situation is either never sit in the center or smile. Sometimes when it comes to my work- no matter how badly my day went- I still am able to smile and treat my customers wonderfully. This also for sure applies to your approach to strangers out there whether they’re rude or not. If I could do this differently- I would have tried to communicate with Cindy rather than bottling my frustrations up. Despite all the countless flights I have made, 10 hours, 15 hours, 1 hour, and international flights- I remind everyone to NOT sit in the center.

Clara is in CLARA mode right now, until the next time I write!




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